An upbeat, results-driven creative professional with expertise leading teams and working thoughtfully with clients, I develop outstanding creative solutions on time, on budget and on target with objectives. 

Areas of expertise include:
Creative direction * Brand development * End-to-end project management * Team leadership and mentorship * Marketing management and strategy * Creative business/P&L ownership * Client success partnership * Account management * Design * Writing

Working closely with businesses, organizations and individuals, I guide the process in which creative marketing and communications strategies are conceived, planned and built. My goal is to help clients achieve (and exceed) their business objectives. Ensuring strategies, projects, timelines, budgets, deliverables and projected success measurements are supported by and clearly defined for clients (throughout the process), I engage teams to deliver. 

As a leader and manager, I take ownership of the entire process. From mentoring a team, encouraging members to stretch, learn and deliver outstanding work, to diving into the details and working to move through a creative production process, I meet clients’ objectives with high quality creative deliverables. Videos, websites, logos, identity and brand guidelines, copywriting, email campaigns, landing pages, digital ads, social media, photography, product tours, media kits, newsletters, content writing, brochures, ad layouts and more—producing creative marketing materials that are on target with key messages, resonate with intended audiences, have clever concepts, beautiful design and thoughtful execution is continually satisfying, reinforcing why I enjoy my profession. 

In recent years I’ve been heavily involved in helping companies create compelling (B2C) brand and product stories. Sharing how products could impact a consumer’s lifestyle in an engaging way, while providing key information to assure consumers make smart purchasing decisions, is foundational for success. These companies fall into a variety of categories—online retail, consumer electronics, health and beauty, furniture, sports and recreation, and home improvement to name a few—and range from some of the most successful Fortune 500 companies, such as Canon, Dell, Walmart, Costco, Lowe’s, Office Depot, Amazon and Target, to mid- and small-sized, growing brands. 

For B2B models, I help businesses build their brands, communicate their value to other businesses, and meet marketing objectives. I’ve worked in this capacity for companies in technology, health care, construction and financial services industries, including for Sellpoints, Taleo, Workday, PeopleSoft, EyePACS and Wells Fargo. 

Most of my professional experience has been in collaborative and fast-paced, agency-style environments. I have worked as both an employee and consultant for start-ups and established corporations. My upbeat, personable approach is helpful in all these environments, as is my determination and perserverence.  

Another characteristic, pointed out by several prior managers, is my high emotional intelligence. I have the ability to understand and respond to the challenges of projects, clients, teams and organizations with solutions that move objectives forward.

I find fulfillment and a deep sense of purpose when I use my professional skills as a volunteer. Working to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs, horses and other companion animals, and preserving ecology, access to and enjoyment of natural areas within the San Francisco Bay Area, are causes I work on behalf of. I’ve helped organizations appeal to donors, adopters, volunteers and communities through my creative marketing and communications efforts. 

Considering that working remotely is a requirement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I feel fortunate to have 6+ years of experience working remotely. I’ve developed healthy professional and personal practices that ensure I am a positive, effective presence for the teams and clients I work with.